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Snow in Summer

Common Name: Snow in Summer, Taurus Cerastium, Mouse-Ear Chickweed, Silver Carpet
Botanical Name: Cerastium
Type: Perennial
Soil Preference: Tolerates drought and will grow in dry to moist soils. Suitable soil is well-drained, loamy or sandy with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH.
Light Requirements: Full sun
Attributes: Ground cover plant, naturalizing
Pests: None serious
Diseases: Root rot, if kept to wet.

Snow-in-summer is a double delivery plant — it covers itself with small, striking white flowers but it also has long lasting silvery foliage. It looks completely at home in the hot, dry, sunny locations it loves — next to sidewalks, between pavers, in rock gardens, along the edge of retaining walls, and tucked into the cracks of stacked stone walls. Remember, if the soil is too wet too long, root rot is likely to set in.

Where it’s happy, snow-in-summer will slowly spread, creating a carpet of white blooms that cover the plant in spring to early summer.