Svedin’s Nursery

We love growing the highest quality, freshest flowers for people who love flowers. Our flowers are always transported in water, and cut at the perfect time to allow you to enjoy the longest lasting flowers.
We are proud to grow all of our flowers in the beautiful Treasure Valley, using sustainable practices. Our flowers are grown by employing natural and thoughtfully applied fertilizers and soil amendments, with an emphasis on working with natural cycles to help our plants, crops and soil thrive.

​See what a difference locally grown and locally loved flowers can make in your life!


Looking for the most beautiful blooms for your special day? We can help! By choosing to use seasonal and local flowers for your wedding you are ensuring that the special date you picked will be celebrated in full.

Succulent Gardens

These planted succulent gardens are perfect as gifts for any special occasion. Or buy yourself one! You know you Deserve it.

Call today to order yours!

Succulent Pumpkins

This work of art started out being a real treat for Halloween. As people realized how long they stayed attractive they started getting them for a fall and early winter decoration.