About Us

We are a family operation that has grown from a hobby gone wild. We are a propagation nursery serving the South West Idaho area and the United States. We like to grow for family gardens as well as commercial farms. If you know what you want, please let us know, we can start it for you. We have been gardening for over 54 years (started by helping grandma in her Garden). 

Meet W. Steve Svedin:

I graduated from Utah State University in 1974 with a bachelors in Ornamental Horticulture.  I spent the next 6 years working as a Propagator for a mid size nursery in Oregon, we propagated between 1 and  1.5 million starts a year of both indoor and outdoor plant material.  We would bring in another half million rooted plants and establish them before lining them out in the container Nursery.I only have an acre currently and the Greenhouse is only 20×50, but I am looking to grow and expand, we can do a lot with that Greenhouse and this property.

My Story started when I was 7 years old, I would go over to grandma’s, she had great cookies but to get the cookies I needed to help her in the yard and in her garden, of course a 7 year old boy loves to play in the dirt and chase the bugs and worms that I would find. As a teenager I loved being outside and was always trying to grow a garden, no one help me very much so they were not very successful . When I got married I was lucky (besides finding a young woman that would have me) she came from a gardening family, she and her mother where able to teach me the rest of what I needed to know. In collage I was able to take lots of courses to learn how plants grow. I was able to work in the campus greenhouses which helped me decide how I would live the rest of my life.

Meet Lori:

It’s a little unique to be raised by a lover of plants.  Both of my parents as well as grandparents & great- grandparents have always had a love for growing things.  I remember growing up in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and not realizing how blessed we were to live in one of the most lush, naturally beautiful places on Earth.  I spent many afternoons at the Portland Rose Garden laughing and running through the acres of some of the worlds most beautiful gardens.  I always thought this was everyone’s normal.  Every spring we planted a huge garden and many hours were spent helping espalier fruit trees in our back yard.  I even remember one time planting Kool-Aid seeds (since you know the package is exactly the same as a seed packet) I was quite disappointed when nothing came of my first horticultural experiment.

While in college I studied floral design and plant science.  There I had other opportunities to flex my green thumbs to see if I could find my calling.  I soon took a detour and entered the field of Real Estate & Property Management and spent the next 18 years directing landscapers and dabbling with my home garden but not really digging into the world of plants and growing.  We soon saw an opportunity to be near family in the Treasure Valley.  We packed our odds & ends and headed to sunnier pastures.  I wouldn’t realize just how sunny until years later as day after day we hurried to beat the heat to harvest our flowers before it got too hot.

Once here in Idaho, I convinced my Dad to try something different and that’s how our flower business started.  You’ll still find our stock plants for daylilies, grasses and salvia in and amongst our flower beds, but we have really found a love for making the world beautiful for everyone with our love of flowers.

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