Lacewings Chrysopa carnea

Lacewings Chrysopa carnea Larvae

At 80° F, the green Lacewing eggs will hatch in about 4 days. They hatch with a voracious appetite. In fact, they are so hungry, they often resort to cannibalism if there is no other food source available. Lacewing larvae will attack almost any soft-bodied insect. They feed upon small worms, insect eggs, mites, immature whiteflies, etc. However, the larvae are best known for attacking aphids and each is capable of killing 30 to 50 aphids per day. Many aphids are eaten but many more are killed by being punctured by the Lacewing larvae. Each larvae will feed for about 3 weeks, then will roll up into a little white pupae and emerge as an adult in about 1 week ready to mate and lay about 100 more eggs. The adult Lacewing does not feed on aphids. The complete Lacewing life cycle takes 4 – 6 weeks.    To prevent a high percentage of the Lacewing population from being in the pupal, adult or egg stage at the same time, it is recommended that two or three releases, two weeks apart, be made. Lacewing larvae are good general predators and will also feed on whitefly larvae and other plant.