Succulent Pumpkins

This work of art started out being a real treat for Halloween. As people realized how long they stayed attractive they started getting them for a fall and early winter decoration. That is why the trend to use them is growing so fast.

Our Succulent Pumpkins are the perfect Fall decoration

The pumpkin is not damaged when the succulents are glued on. They will not collapse unless they get damaged or frozen. I have seen some that have lasted a year. Its owner would mist it lightly once a week. It is my experience that most people get tired of them after Christmas or the new year and toss them out.

If you want to save the succulents that were used to decorate the pumpkin you need to gently pull them off of the pumpkin. Make sure that there is no glue on the plant. Put it in a small pot of soil, the pot needs to have a hole in the bottom. Put the pot in a south or west window where they can get lots of light or under a grow light. Water them well once a week. It should not take them long to root and start growing. If you have any questions, please call Steve (me) at 208-941-3689.

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